It's only a few days past Thanksgiving and I am READY ready ready for Christmas! Who else?! Cole and I had wonderful Thanksgiving with our parents and grandparents and our sweet nephew Pierce! It was perfect. I'll always cherish times we get to be together!!  We got to reflect on this past year and we went around the room to share what we were most thankful for! We lit a candle as we went around the room and it was so sweet! I love that we are starting traditions with everyone! I can't wait until Cole & I start ours this year as husband and wife! 

I've rounded up a few items that our on my wish list this year for Christmas and I later this week will make a GIFT GUIDE for those who are asking! I know everyone this time of year struggles with the perfect gifts! I want to help with that!! No stress this year!! I love to give as much as I can this time of year to express how much I love and thank each person but presents aren't the only thing you can give this year!!! A sweet gesture, a hug or paying for someones meal is a great way to show the people you care about how much you appreciate them! I know everyone says that gift cards are a horrible gift, but like a gift card to the grocery store or a store where they can treat themselves and not feel guilty, like Bed Bath & Body Works!! A homemade hand scrub or a card is still the PERFECT gift!!