Today I'm talking about the SHAGGY//FUR trend! I am in LOVE! I always loved fur vest and jackets and they were so cool a few years ago but this year they have taken it to a whole new level with the shaggy//teddy trend!! I want every teddy coat I see! & did I ever tell you guys I use to really not like pink!? I thought it was awful looking on me!! Now I'm secretly loving it! I think the light pastel colors are in for winter coming up! Like light baby blue and blush and pale colors. It's almost like they are becoming neutral. 

This shaggy fur jacket is my favorite piece this season! Cannot wait to wear it in Cali! I love it! It's not too too heavy but it's just enough for this Texas winter. 

Do ya'll remember skorts?!!? AHHH! There making a come back! This suede skort is so essential to have! It goes with everything I wear and I can dress it up and down! & it is only $38!!! & you'll wear it all year long! Dress it with long over the knee boots or short booties like I did here!