travel guide

Where to stay,

In Mexico there is so much developing. So many new places to stay and things to do but we had the pleasure of staying at the lovely all-incusive Sandos Finisterra Resort! We decided on Cabo for our one year anniversary and we wouldn't have chose anywhere else. It was a dream.

The resort was built into a side of a cliff in Los Cabos overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We lucked out and stayed at the Marina side which was so pretty. At Sandos Finisterra, they go above and beyond to accommodate you and your every need. I highly recommend staying here whether it be honeymoon, anniversary or just for fun! The atmosphere is beautiful and romantic here! 

What we did during our stay,

We were here for our anniversary so we decided to do something a little different than what we would typically do! Don't get me wrong we did A LOT of relaxing!! But we decided to book a yaht cruise for the two of us on our actually anniversary, August 12th. 

We booked through Seashine Adventures and they were fabulous!! I highly recommend them for your cruise! We cruised to The Famous Arches, Lover's Beach and coasted along the pacific side for about 3 hours. It was just enough time to relax, sip on drinks and even have a nice dinner! We had a chef that cooked for us at the end of the evening and they even provided an anniversary cake to us! It was the SWEETEST thing! Probably the funnest excursion we've ever done and it will be a day we won't forget! 

We did a WHOLE LOT of relaxin on this trip because we always GO GO GO on others and wanted to really celebrate each other during the short 4 night stay! It was so wonderful. I truly believe life is about making memories. 

Book through Seashine Adventures if you decide to do this! They are so great! 

We chose the Sandos Finisterra because 1. it was all-inclusive and we had never done it before! 2. the views from the hotel were amazing and I also love staying in places with pretty architecture! If you are questioning yourself about wether to do all-inclusive or not, choose YES. Even if you don't eat or drink that much. I would do it. The service you get is outstanding and if you're like me and cannot make up your mind on what you want to eat or's perfect! There's no stress on if we are going to waste the food and how much we spent on it. I love that! Yes the price might seem a little bigger (not much if you do your research) but while your on your trip you don't have to be constantly thinking about money and how much you've spent. You can just relax and that's what the whole trip is about! 


Also, I highly recommend being a member with travelocity! I bundle our trips and get a way better price! I patiently wait until the right time to book and when you are a member with travelocity you get "members pricing"! 

Getting out on the water is a must; book a sunset sail or fishing charter. Come between December and April for whale watching. Surf lessons and snorkeling are also available and highly recommended!

I have linked some of my favorite items I wore on this trip! Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks so much for reading and you are always welcome to ask any questions!