Hey ya'll! So glad ya'll are reading in on my blog post! It means the world to me. I want to update you guys on our life after all the chaos of the wedding! We are still newbies at husband and wife but I feel like these first few months we have learned so much! It really is true that the first year is the hardest. I never thought it would be that hard, just thought that is what everyone says! Cole and I had been together 7 years before the wedding I thought "Oh gosh, we got this! Nothing should change to much right!?"  We basically knew everything about each other and we've overcome so many obstacles over the last 7 years that what else could we overcome!?!?



that's so funny because I knew it was all too good that God had to throw us a curveball eventually. He's always so sneaky! Anyways, this blog post today is about what our life is like now and what I've learned as a wife and what we have learned as a couple in the first few months of marred life! 

So we are living in Austin, Texas now! Cole finished school in Round Rock and he now works at a hospital in Austin near downtown! We made the move in March of this year! We love Austin so far! There is so much to do and see! It really has spoiled us rotten. When we go home to Waco we are like eager beaver to get back! We have done our fair share of eating while we have lived here and every place is just so dang good! We have eaten our weight  in TACOS! Austin is like the taco capital so that's awesome! I am still doing wedding photography (lightly) and doing blogging on the side!

We are really really relaxing right now. I don't think we've ever relaxed this much in our life. Cole has a big boy job and works at the hospital 3 nights a week and then I've never had so much free time in my life. We are adjusting to the city and trying to take in all the changes. Like our new apartment, making it home. Then trying to get used to Cole's night shifts at work, managing our money and focusing on each other!

When we were living in Round Rock or even before we really weren't together 24/7 and that has been an adjustment now that we live together! Everyone says living together is a game changer and it is a big adjustment but it is really so fun!! I love living with Cole!

I think the biggest thing that is different is that you don't have your "me" time as much as you did and you really have to think about someone else and their needs because it is their home as well now. But moving in together is such a fun experience, making a home together and making it your own. You're own smell, your own comfort and rules and traditions! I just feel like you really just have to work as a "team" and I can't emphasize that enough. There are going to be days where you just need your space and that is totally understandable! I think everyone needs their space married or not! 

Another update: Cole doesn't snore (as hard) anymore like he did when we first moved in together!! Being a married man must've worn him out in the beginning! Lol.  & I apparently "huff" in my sleep hahah so funny what you find out when you are married! We definitely have learned SO much in these past three months that I ever thought. It's so great! There's never a dull moment and I'm so ready for what's to come! 


A lot of people have asked about when we want to start having babies and Cole and I are being so patient with this! We CANNOT wait to have babies and the baby fever is high after marriage! Can anyone relate?! It's fun to think of names (yes we have those kinda picked out of course!!!) and what they will be like, how we will teach them things and if she/he will have Cole's ears or my eyes! We really cannot wait, but at this time in our lives we don't feel ready! We still feel like babies ourselves and we just started all the grown up things! We want to be very comfortable and in a city we know we will be for a while! When I was younger we always moved and I want our baby to grow up in one house! Not saying we won't move a few times but we want to try to raise our kids in a house they will call their childhood home! Right now we are in a tiny apartment in South Austin and it wouldn't quite work for three of us! Lol. 

PLUS, my older sister is expecting her second child and we are obsessed with our nephew Pierce and right now we are like "HOW ARE WE GOING TO LOVE OUR BABIES AS MUCH AS WE LOVE HIM?!" He's perfect ya'll. Literally.



One last update and that basically ties it up!!

Cole and I are going to California for my birthday in January and we are PUMPED! Cole's never been and I went when I was really young and I haven't stopped talking about Cali ever since! Ask anyone lolol. If any of you have recommendations on places to see or eat, LET ME KNOW! 

Thanks for reading you guys and hope ya'll enjoyed our little update since the wedding!  Here is our wedding video captured by the amazingly talented Autumn Shipp! It's our favorite memory of our day! We will cherish this forever!