OCTOBER 2, 2017

Can you tell I've been loving me some denim?! It is so versatile! I can dress it anyway I want. I love how easy it is to just throw overalls and a fun tee on! Lately all I've wanted was easy! Don't get me wrong I love putting together outfits, but some days I just want it easy and cute! With that being said, overalls or denim have been my go to! Plus, I love me some 70 vibes!! 

(hehe Cole actually tied this bandana for me and said "this is how you wear it!" lol my sweet cowboy ;)

Madewell did it again with these overalls and this precious striped tee, that is on sale for 30 % off right now! It was a must when they were having 20% off of a $100! Go grab you some overalls, I promise you won't regret it!! 

Espadrilles, (here) (here) << $40 dupes here!