August 21, 2017

The place people come visit, from all over the world . . Maui! I now can see why. 

Maui is absolutely stunning! It is what everyone says it is. Lush, vibrant, bright blue water (almost like a blue cool-aid!), beaches to die for, perfect sunsets and sunrises. It is like no other place  in the world! I have been lucky enough to see some pretty amazing spots in the world, and I'm pretty sure this is my favorite place in the world. It'll always be a very special spot because we celebrated our honeymoon here!! I know I will be telling our grandkids about this trip most definitely. 

Cole and I stayed at The Grand Wailea and thought we were in heaven. The resort is rated one of the best in Maui, but pictures on the internet don't give it justice! The Grand Wailea is a HUGE resort, but has wide open spots to make it feel excluded. It is definitely kid-friendly, but there are pools and spots for just grown ups, which we loved since we were on our honeymoon! 

The food on the island of Maui is very tasteful! I felt like we ate SO much on this trip. We indulged for sure. It was different than what I expected, but I loved every bit of it! I even tried a traditional dish called "Poke". It is a raw fish that is doused in soy sauce or spicy mayo dressing! They are known for Poke in Hawaii so I had to try it! Living in Austin I have heard of it, but the guy serving us at the Poke food truck said I'll never have this good of Poke anywhere else and I for sure believe him! I will be trying to mimic the flavor of it for forever! It is very well one of my favorite plates I got besides all the yummy other fried fish and sweet dishes we got! South Maui Fish Company, you are the bomb! Ya'll have to try this little place if you ever go to Maui! Also, the acai bowls are a must too! They are so flavorful. I think because all the fruits are so dang sweet! Cole and I both loved them! 

The water...

This photo was on our way to Hana. It was breathtaking driving on the winding roads with the tall trees surrounding us! It was like a jungle. The water was still that bright blue, maybe even brighter up against the black rocks. You've got to do the Road to Hana if you can! 

Below I'll have my bikinis linked!