I FINALLY cut my hair after so much contemplating! So many people said not to cut it, but I'm so glad I did! I feel like a new woman! SO  many reasons why I cut it! One being because it was becoming so thin that I could barely curl the bottoms! AH! It was so bad. It was also stringy and all I could do was curl it and that's so not good for your hair. All the heat and pressure on it. You want your hair to be healthy no matter if it's straight, curly or in a bun! Right?! Well we ended up cutting 6 inches off and I hope my transformation gives you the guts to make a change !!

My hair girl Raven Camacho is the absolute B E S T! I'm not just saying this. Her hands were made for painting and cutting hair! She's my little hair fairy! She now owns her own salon Raven Row Salon and I would be glad to send her info your way! 

Here is a little transformation for ya! (Also, my hair hasn't been colored in months, but the way she colors it makes it grow out beautifully!)