So it's definitely still warm here in Austin, Texas. I thought maaaaaybe there would be a slight cold front where it would feel like fall, but maybe in a few weeks! So for Labor Day weekend we get a little more of summer which is totally fine for me!! Cole and I headed to a cute place for dinner called "Grizzelda's" in Austin and had margaritas and tacos! It was so yummy! Grizzelda's is probablty the cutest place we've been in Austin!

We are trying to get out and find some cool places now that we are slightly settled here and have been married three weeks (holy moly)!


 I feel like until fall shows up I'll be wearing out wrap dresses!! Who doesn't love a wrap dress? I think they are everyone's favorite, especially recently. I actually chose wrap dresses for all my bridesmaids because I just LOVE them and they are so flattering, girly,  and chic. Lately I have been trying to find the perfect "polka dot" dress and I was in my hometown Waco this past week and found the cutest red and white polka dot dress that I can wear all fall! I found this cute little number at a new store in Waco called "Fox & Gray"! It's ADORABLE! You must go! Waco is booming and growing and there are so many new and upcoming places downtown Waco! I was a little skeptical when my hometown started to become famous for "Fixer Upper" and became so so crowded, that I hadn't gone downtown since Fixer upper had started, but I am glad I finally braved the crowd and saw what all the fuss was about! I am happy for little Waco! 

Another option for the perfect red polka dot dress is linked here! I am in love with anything Realisation! 

This sweet little bitty coffee shop is right down the street from Cole + I's apartment! It's called WORK Coffee Company and there is a coffee shop on one side and a leather company on the other! It's so cool! I would definitely check it out if you are on South Lamar! 

I'm thinking patterns will be in this fall, all sorts of patterns and I can't wait!  I've heard there is so much cold weather coming, but we'll see! I'm ready to pull out my cardigans and jeans! But for now I''ll twirl in wrap dresses!