california here we come..

If you don't know the song above, you've never seen The O.C!!! It's my favorite! I could watch it over and over..

I'm doing a little recap of our California trip for whoever is interested! California has been a place I've been longing to go back to ever since I was 12-13 years old!! My dad, sister and I drove there for one of my dad's business trips and it was unforgettable! I couldn't shut up about it and eventually Cole decided to surprise me for my 23rd birthday with a trip to LA!! I freaked!!!!

Venice is where we stayed and we used Air bnb to book our stay! We stayed in a cute studio that we didnt take any photos of  (OOPS!) I was anxious to get out and do stuff that we were rarely in the studio except for sleep! lol.

The Venice Canals was the cutest area! Definitely was everything I imagined! It was actually a neighborhood that people lived with their little paddle boats in front and every house was so put together and adorable! I didn't know it was an area where people lived so it was neat to see! 

The bikes were probably one of my favorite parts!!! Cole and I had not rode a bike in FOREVER. I literally am awful at balance or anything to do with balance and I forgot you needed that when riding  a bike!!  We both totally got the hang of it but Cole surprisingly had some trouble when we got to the busy roads!! It was hilarious because he had made fun of me for stuggling earlier!! lol.  I wish I had him videoed him!!


1) Malibu Farm Cafe- EAT HERE don't even ask questions just go! It was beautiful and I wish I would've taken more photos of the view and food! 

2) Venice Whaler to eat tacos!! (of course!) & then go see the Venice sign on Pacific Avenue!

3) Malibu Beach

4) Santa Monica Pier-little touristy but so fun!! 

5) Venice Butcher's Daughter- BEST FOOD! Breakfast, lunch +dinner! We went three times lol. It's one of those cute instagram worthy places so take tons of pictures!! 

6) Venice Beach//Muscle Beach-spend the day at Venice beach to walk the boardwalk and go to muscle beach!! I didn't actually believe there were people working out at "Muscle Beach", but there were!! Everywhere! 

7) CATCH LA- A MUST! Dress fancy and have a date night here! You have to! Best sushi and fish I've ever tasted! No lie.

8) Hollywood Sign- there are so many spots to see the Hollywood sign, but I think the most enjoyable way was to go to the Griffith Observatory! It's a breathtaking view from the top of Griffith Observatory! Go during the week because we went on a Sunday and it was pretty busy but still so fun! 

8) Walk of Fame- of course go see all the STARS!!

9) Alfred's Tea Room- SO CUTE and SUCH GOOD DRINKS! You have to get the Matcha Tea with Boba and I love boba now and I think I had about 20 Matcha drinks this whole trip because of this place!! It gets you obsessed! 

10) Go rent bikes and ride them along the beach!! Favorite thing ever!! Might even start riding my bike in Austin, we'll see! lol